The handover marks the symbolic transfer of a construction project from the main contractor to the owner. But the handover itself has a much longer lifespan – one that extends both before and after the project is complete.

It’s in everybody’s interest for this final piece of the puzzle to be laid down as smoothly as possible – but often, that just isn’t the case.

 Handover problems are costly to everyone involved. What are the most common problems, and how can they be avoided?

1) Relying on paper

One of the most common stumbling blocks in handovers is a reliance on paper documentation. Paper can be damaged, lost or destroyed, presenting serious risks throughout a project. It’s also inefficient when copies of key documents are held in one location but urgently needed in another.

 A reliance on paper takes control out of the hands of the main contractor as soon as documents are handed over to subcontractors – visibility is reduced, and the subcontractor has the power to withhold or delay information.

 Digitizing handover processes greatly reduces these risks. By assembling all of the necessary documents in a single cloud-based location, the risks of data being lost or destroyed are removed. The ability to grant and control access to every piece of data also puts the power back in the hands of the main contractor, enabling them to examine progress at every step.

2) Poor data

There are hundreds of ways that poor data can compromise a project. Outdated methods of data management can easily lead to data inaccuracy, inefficiency and omission. When this happens project problems escalate quickly.

 A cloud-based data-software system will deliver seamless access and sharing of data systems throughout a project. It can also provide powerful data visualisations, bringing your data to life and highlighting data gaps and disparities so that you can address them as they occur.

3) Unresolved problems

On any construction project, there will always be unforeseen issues that arise. You need to be ready to adapt to ensure these problems are not left unresolved.

With cloud-based handover software, detailed sharable specifications help you avoid problems before they occur. The best handover software will provide bespoke folder structures to mirror your project plan. This keeps things organized so that you and your team can check and fix problems on the go.

4) Leaving it too late
Time is money. Nowhere does this hold more truth than in construction. Poor planning and insufficient resources jeopardize your ability to cope with construction problems and will thwart your ability to meet rigid deadlines.
To help you manage workflows, cloud-based handover software offers ‘real-time’ platforms that can keep you connected to workers on site and back at the office. Features like customisable review processed and notifications will make prioritizing simple for you and your team. This connectivity helps keep projects on track, meaning you never run out of time to fix a problem before a handover.
Choose Zutec Handover
Zutec Handover makes handovers simple, thorough and efficient. That’s why it’s trusted by construction specialists to see projects through from start to finish. Bespoke folder structures are tailored to meet your specific project plan and Handover is digitized, making it secure, sharable and controllable. You choose who has access so that individuals in your team can take responsibility for every element of your project. This streamlined system will help you keep your project on track, spot problems when they occur and find solutions so that handovers are completed on time and in budget.
Contact us to find out how Zutec can help streamline and simplify the handover of your construction projects.

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