Digital technology is revolutionising many industries and construction is no different. Several industries have already been transformed, but for construction industry digital transformation is only beginning.

Even although the investment in construction technology has doubled in the past decade according to McKinsey, the adoption of processes and technology innovation is happening at a very slow pace in the construction sector.

The most innovative construction companies are selecting technology partners who provide tools that are intuitive and easy to use for the entire team, to enable greater collaboration and more effective work. Thanks to those effective tools companies can stay competitive, become more productive, deliver projects faster, more efficiently and more safely.

Discover how Zutec can help you succeed on your digital transformation journey. Here are the 15 killer Zutec features that can help you stay competitive in the built environment:


1. Project Folder Tree 15 Killer Zutec Features - Project Folder Tree

Okay, so a folder tree is not that killer. But let's consider the problem. Classifying and storing content in a way a user can easily understand. Project based construction managers feel immediately at home as soon as they see the Project Folder Tree. And it's no wonder when you truly understand the level of information on a project. Folder trees have been around a long time and the fact they are still used today just shows how robust they can be. 






2. Data Tables 

Although most users may not realise it, Zutec is powered by a feature we call Data Tables. Data Tables are modules that store a completely customisable data set. Data Tables can support different data types such as plain text, numbers, dates and much more. Additionally, the user can configure a set of rules which require inputs, some with number sequences and others with drop-down menus that are connected to other Data Tables. This feature is the heart of all Zutec deployments, it powers snagging, construction tracking, safety inspections, change management, ITPs and even our O&M manuals. Some of our customers have even built their own modules with it.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Data Tables


3a. Cascading Drop-Down Lists 

Everyone can do a good drop-down list. But where Zutec truly starts to shine is when you program that list to have Cascading options. So, say you want to limit the room numbers on a particular area or level, but then also want to limit the level options per building on the project, no problem. Import your room schedule data from excel and make sure your data is clean from the get-go. 

15 Killer Zutec Features - Cascading Drop-Down List

3b. Smart Drop-Down Lists 

So, say you had a snagging module and you wanted the room and assigned subcontractor to be drop down lists. Both of these lists can change often on a project, and subcontractors are often added when new phases of a project start and conversely often removed when things go sideways. Your Snagging module can be directly connected to your Project Subcontractor and Room Schedules so as changes are made to these, the Snagging module is automatically updated. Zutec allows you to apply this logic to any Process. 

15 Killer Zutec Features - Smart Drop-Down List


15 Killer Zutec Feature - Mobile - Zutec Resolution


4. Mobile 

Let’s talk about something simple. Zutec provides a mobile App called Resolution. With Resolution you can bring your Data to the field, capture photos, pin key issues to drawings, review documents and sync when you are back in the office. We don't force you to sync your data when you’re in the field, where you may be on an expensive plan. If you do have an issue in the field this App will help get you a Resolution. 






5. Report Adapters 

Were you ever using an app and you wanted to plug its data right into Microsoft Excel? Report Adapters act as a live feed that you can connect to nearly any mainstream reporting platform using Web Connectors. 

Many construction managers use Microsoft Excel to update a project status. This is often done manually once or twice a week. Report Adapters bring your existing Excel sheets to life with live data. This means no more manual updating, set it up once and check at any time. You will always be looking at the most up to date information from site. 

15 Killer Zutec Features - Report Adapters


6. Fully Connected BIM 

When we look at workflows that utilise the latest BIM technologies on various projects we have found that at some point a BIM manager will require a robust data storage solution and inevitably connect its models to an Oracle or SQL server database which has data imported in via manual and automated processes. These systems are often not site wide and the control and governance is disjointed. Out of the box, Zutec is a fully connected BIM platform. Just upload your models and then make connections with your data and processes. The real-world practical uses are endless. Consider the benefits of having your BIM models connected to your living breathing site. As progress inspections occur on the site your BIM model immediately reports this progress. Many of our customers have successfully used this feature for using BIM to power Site Progress Tracking and O&M Manuals for Facilities Management. 

15 Killer Zutec Features - Fully Connected BIM


7. Custom PDF Engine 

So, this isn't exactly a feature, it's more of a capability. When you are dealing with large amounts of complex information, example: data, documents, photos, BIM models, construction drawings and sign off logs, it's not straight forward on how you might want to distribute or even print such information. In certain situations, you may want to emphasise photos instead of data. Zutec has multiple built-in PDF document generators. In cases where customers want their PDF files completely customised to spec, Zutec offer this as a service. It's called Data PDF as a Service. 

15 Killer Zutec Features - Custom PDF Engine - PDF Export

15 Killer Zutec Features - Custom PDF Engine - Exported PDF


8. Drawing and Photo Markup 15 Killer Zutec Features - Photo Markup

When you take a photo on a construction site it's really important to be able to clearly communicate exactly what you want it to show. We’ve built a photo and drawing markup tool for just that. Every time you take a photo you can be prompted to make markups. This feature has been critical to projects tracking restoration works on Zutec, as engineers use colour coded mark-ups to denote different levels of work required to complete an items restoration. The same technique is used on construction drawings so that design changes and other defects and issues can be raised and resolved. This feature puts huge value straight into your digital workflow straight onto your site! 


9. Review Processes

Zutec utilises Review Processes which are used to mark the status of work which has taken place and logs each step of the process which can be changed based off who signed off on a particular stage. These workflows can be tracked and secured in many different ways such as “Assign Review Process Steps to Users”, Restrict Group Access Based on Review Steps and Set Review Triggers. This means when a specific user/organisation signs off, their notes automatically populate in a response field, where everyone can see any notes made upon the completion of those works.


10. Bespoke Permission Sets

In conjunction with the filter sets, a table can be secured by multiple users/organisations which can allow multiple users to add/see records on a table which are only associated with them.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Bespoke Permissions


11. Distribution Lists

Zutec has an automatic notification mailing system which can be set up by applying a filter so that when specific input requirements have been met the system acknowledges this. It then notifies the appropriate group that an action/review has to be changed and allows for the quickest progression of the workflow.


12. Executive Summaries

Real time overall status on the workflows progression on a specific table i.e. a project manager can very quickly see where the percentage progress completion is. Without having to generate a report and can see very quickly who is not performing.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Executive Summary


13. Audit Functionality Including Default Values

The audit trail on records is added by the default function where by the "Uploaded By" & "Date" field are auto-populated by the username of the individual who added the record and the date & time that the record is saved to the system. This combination allows the project owner to see exactly when a specific record is saved to the system and the individual who was responsible.

This function allows for a full circle of accountability for all works completed on the Zutec platform. This takes out the guess work which can happen when works are incomplete but the responsible organisation has rebutted this.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Audit Trail


14. Excel Compatibility

At some stage most companies in the construction process will log data in Excel spreadsheets. Zutec allows for easy transfer of data from the Excel spreadsheets into the central platform which adds extra functionality for viewing.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Excel Compatibility - Data Transfered from Excel Spreadsheet


15 Killer Zutec Features - Excel Compatibility - Data Transfered from Excel into the Zutec Platform


15. Form Generation

Zutec can generate a digital version of any stage of the construction process where contractors are completing works. From filing data on a form to making that a specific form, can be displayed on a tablet/phone and then the data can be transpose into the Zutec format which can be easily viewed and reported on.

15 Killer Zutec Features - Forms


Explore the full potential of the technologies, tools and processes available now to the industry, and understand the best options of their adoption and implementation at Digital Construction Week 2019.

Digital Construction Week 2019 this October at London ExCeL.

Come talk to us, we will be located at Stand C38. For more info please click here.

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