BIM-Enabled Quality

The Zutec Quality Management Enabled for BIM solution and field tools can be used to enrich data directly into your BIM models to easily provide location information from inspections, update BIM objects with field data such as serial numbers and to add in photographic evidence of products used.


Use Zutec Quality Management Enabled for BIM to update models for results from inspections. Add real time data feeds in the operation and maintenance phase of the Building Lifecyle to continuously monitor asset performance.


01. Knowledge

The ability to update 3D models in real time with Field As Built Data gives a perfect platform for you to deliver a Digital Twin.



02. Control

Monitoring the progress of your construction project in BIM enables you to easily visualize progress and highlight areas of concern.



03. Efficient

View design, construction and facility data directly in each model, allowing you to make faster and more informed decisions.


Field BIM

Store and manage all of your 3D project models in the cloud for ease of access and collaboration. Navigate models and update data on site via any device. Save time and achieve far greater levels of detail and accuracy.


Digital Twin Support

Maintain and manage & reflect the changes to your Building and the related 3D models using Zutec Field Management tools.

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Zutec’s configurability has allowed for a bespoke construction management system to be tailored to our unique requirements, and has allowed us to modernise our methods of construction through on-site inspections. This is a vital resource as we scale our business.

Michael Stanley, Co-Founder and CEO

Cairn Homes

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