Asset Register

Production of an Asset Register ahead of the building occupation avoids expensive survey costs. Gain early visibility of the plant and equipment requiring maintenance agreements to be put in place.


Drop Asset information from your 3D models and validate asset information quality.

Use Zutec Field tools to enrich model data directly into the model. Add planned maintenance data and build a maintenance planner, or alternatively export the Asset information through one of our supported integrations into a CAFM solution for maintenance management.


01. Audit

Full audit trail functionality. Apply Barcodes and serial numbers to all maintainable assets for easier repairs or replacements in the future.




Prepare for soft landing transition into CMMS or PPM platforms.




Lite FM toolset available for support during DLP or for transition into the owners CMMP/ERF platform.




The ability to dynamically link relevant records from your O&M manuals ensures asset documentation is easily accessible from one location.


  • Boost efficiency: Improve your teams’ productivity and make handover simpler for your clients.
  • Safeguard information: Know that your project documents are safe and secure in Zutec cloud throughout the building lifecycle.




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Zutec’s configurability has allowed for a bespoke construction management system to be tailored to our unique requirements, and has allowed us to modernise our methods of construction through on-site inspections. This is a vital resource as we scale our business.

Michael Stanley, Co-Founder and CEO

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