The Single Source of Truth for Quality Management

Delivering quality and compliance for housebuilders across all building regulations including changes to Part L.


As a Housebuilder standardise your construction processes and centralise data and reporting.

Gain complete visibility of information across all your projects and improve your teams’ decision-making. Zutec brings structure to your inspections, centralises project management and streamlines digital handover.

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Part L Reg 40 Compliance: Capturing Photographic Records

Incrementally capture and log geo-referenced photographic evidence during construction with Zutec’s centralised Quality Management solution. Easily submit photos to the SAP assessor to evidence compliance with Part L to release EPCs and the new BREL Report.

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Cladding and Remediation Requirements

Use Zutec to review current installations and track and inspect progress on cladding and remediation changes. Ensure the right materials are being used in the right place before submitting to inspectors and assessors to secure sign-off and the EWS1 Form.

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Reduce Defects and Accelerate Plot Handovers

Use Zutec to provide bespoke digital forms and project checklists, conduct inspections, take photos and sign off work in the field, in real-time. Zutec helps housebuilders to monitor and accelerate project progress and plot handover.

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Digital Handover

Align structured data capture processes and comprehensive access to all handover documentation throughout the project lifecycle. Track and review progress against O&Ms, Fire & Emergency Files and asset data to ensure smooth handover and achieve a standardised and complete digital by default handover on every project.

Cross Project Reporting

Harness powerful analytics to produce standard reports or create customised versions, optimised to suit your specific construction project. Drill down into the data and compare across departments and projects to gain a deeper understanding of performance.

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Zutec is perfect for all types and sizes of development

  • Configurable Platform
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Owned, Real-Time Data
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Auditable Progress Tracking

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