Get ready for the Building Safety Bill

The Building Safety Bill paves the way for an overhaul of building safety regulations which, according to government officials, will bring about the “biggest changes to building safety for nearly 40 years.”

The move was long overdue. When the Grenfell Tower fire claimed the lives of 72 innocent people in 2017, it became abundantly clear that our existing systems to uphold fire safety were grossly inadequate.

The changes to legislation are vital and comprehensive. And adhering to these changes will be by no means simple.

That’s where Zutec can help.

The purpose of this e-book is to help construction professionals, developers and asset owners understand:

  • The implications of the Building Safety Bill
  • The timescales that you should be working towards for compliance
  • Where you might be falling short
  • What you can do to prepare
  • The opportunities the Bill presents to the industry

With gateway one of the Bill effective from the 1st August 2021, new safety obligations will come in to force thick and fast over the next few years. Make sure your company stays compliant.

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