Facade Progress Tracking

Gain visibility of your facade process from design through to installationImprove visibility of the status of each panel allowing the project team to plan resources effectively. Create efficiencies by using QR codes for ease of identification and tracking of stages from manufacture through to install.  

Track the progress of each panel visually via Zutec’s Dimensions BIM viewer. 


  • Minimise delays  
  • Mitigate risk  
  • Saves time and eliminates duplication 
  • Streamlined process management 
  • Minimise project uncertainties 



  • Real-time project performance monitoring
  • Minimise delays by making informed decisions
  • Mitigate risk with real-time data
  • Saves time and eliminates duplication
  • Streamlined process management
  • Deliver higher quality projects
  • Alleviate project uncertainties


Check out the Zutec enabled projects where Facade Progress Tracking was utilised:




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Download this page as PDF - Zutec Facade Progress Tracking
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