Construction Progress Tracking

Track project progress and other project data in real time – allowing you the ability to estimate the completion of planned activities and make informed decisions. 

Utilising the Zutec Resolution mobile application, all activities that are required to go through a progress tracking methodology can be available on a tablet/mobile device for each of their predetermined site areas. 

Filter results by trade or area to determine percentage complete across your completion phase. 

Activities being Progress Tracked

  • Room / Area Completion Tracking
  • Activity v's Program Tracking
  • Concrete Pour Tracking 



  • Real-time project performance monitoring
  • Minimise delays by making informed decisions
  • Mitigate risk with real-time data
  • Save time and eliminate duplication
  • Streamlined process management
  • Minimise project uncertainties
  • A single source of truth for management



  • Supply chain collaboration
  • For use online and offline where no Wi-Fi or 4G coverage is available 
  • Integrate program data for Planned Vs. Actual
  • In-depth visual dashboards provide insights
  • Mobility tools to streamline processes
  • Allocate tasks using customised workflows to ensure identified issues are actioned
  • Build customised digital forms  
  • Retrieve information in the field by scanning barcodes, QR codes or RFID tags to avoid searching for data 
  • Access analytical and dashboard reports for instant snapshots of progress
  • Attach multiple images to each item of data 
  • Add digital signatures 


Check out some Zutec enabled projects where Facade Tracking was utilised:

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Discover How Zutec Can Help Your Project