One of many Scape Student Living projects Zutec has been involved in, 99 Franklin St will stand 61 storeys high and have 740 student beds. With a mix of one, two and six-bed rooms, this facility provides the perfect space for students to attend nearby university campuses. A range of Zutec Field modules are being used, including Firewall Stopping/Penetration, Snagging & Defect Management, QA/QC Inspections and Construction Activity Progress Tracking. This enables the project team to gain an accurate, current and detailed view of all critical construction elements, to ensure the project is completed safely and smoothly. The Firewall Stopping/Penetration module has enabled services trades to easily log and manage firewall penetrations across the project, generating detailed registers for Scape Student Living to conduct future safety and compliance inspections.

As part of the Snagging & Defect Management module, Built, consultants and Scape Student Living have efficiently logged outstanding works, defects and observations against relevant subcontractors. After rectifying works on site, subcontractors then mark the item as complete via the bespoke workflow. Built then verifies the work and closes the item out. Relevant consultants and the client are given the ability to finalise the defect where relevant. Bespoke reporting has enabled the project team to ensure every room has been defected and closed out in a timely fashion, in line with key milestones. Critical pre-sheeting activities are tracked for each room as part of the QA/QC Inspections module. Using Zutec Field, placeholders allow subcontractors to simply mark their activities as complete. Built then verify the works and the activity is finalised. This data feeds into the live wall chart report to provide an instant snapshot of progress.

The Construction Activity Progress Tracking module has provided real value to the project team by giving a more detailed snapshot of overall project progress. By tracking nearly 50 critical-path activities throughout all phases of construction on weekly inspection walks, pain-points and delays can be quickly identified with the wall chart report.

Project Details

Project Value: $196M

Contractor: Built

Client: Scape Student Living

Architect: DCM