On 19 September 2018, the notice to attend the Annual General Meeting in Zutec Holding AB (publ) was
published. Since the notice was published, a proposal has been put forward to elect an additional, sixth,
Board member; Daniel Nyhrén.
Daniel is a partner of Athanase Industrial Partners Ltd. He is currently a Board member of Hejstagran AB and
previously been a Board member of Röhnisch SE Holding AB, IABÖ Global Holding AB and NOTE AB (publ).
As the Board does not have any objections against the proposal, it will be presented the Annual General
Meeting 2018 and included in the Board’s complete proposals that will be published on the website today.

For more information, please contact:
Brendan O’Riordan CEO of Zutec Holding AB; brendan.oriordan@zutec.com
Tel: +353 1 2013565
E-mail: Brendan.oriordan@zutec.com

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