The Zutec product team is proud to issue the 100 th release of the Zutec platform. Release 100 is as a major achievement in the Zutec product lifecycle and is the culmination of 18 years of team work, innovation and continuous product development.Release 100 includes many new features and will also include upgrades to many of the existing features.  Some of the new key features of Release 100 includes:
  • New reporting features
  • Enhanced BIM model compression by 30%
  • Enhanced file transfer speed for On-Site app
  • Redesigned UI / UX on BIM Application
  • 2 Completely new apps (to be announced later)

Zutec is committed to continuously innovating and developing its product portfolio with our client requirements at the forefront in development.

Release 100 is a major milestone in the Zutec story so far with many more innovative chapters to come.

Keep an eye on our website and our social media platforms for further news and updates on this release.

Categories: Non-Regulatory

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