25 May 2021 | Product Updates / Release Notes

Product Update – Quality Management

Product Update – Quality Management

Quality Management is a fundamental part of any project, but its implementation is often time-consuming. At Zutec, we’re constantly making improvements to our platform to enable our clients to achieve maximum efficiency on their projects.

Our latest product update includes two entirely new features that will aid your Quality Management procedures; a new quality checklist builder and the ability to import existing project configurations.


Zutec Field track app

You can use the Zutec Field app to closely track quality inspections and report progress on the Zutec dashboard. The app allows you to drop pins and perform analytics, linking inspection forms back to BIM elements to help you visualise the BIM model.

Depending on the scale of your project, the level of detail you want to track can vary. That’s why Zutec is fully customisable – you can use standard checks required on most projects, or you can adjust this if a higher level of intricacy is needed.

For example, while a standard check might include concrete pours, with Zutec you can add detail such as the mix-rate of the concrete used, measuring depths and dimensions, and other materials used. This is important because once a building is up and running, sooner or later you inevitably encounter problems. With Zutec, you don’t just know that all the right checks were performed, but you have a full register of what was inspected, when and by whom.

Having this dataset on your asset is essential during the operations phase, as you can easily identify any defects for quick remediation. However, it will also act as a safeguard, particularly with problems surrounding safety issues like fire stopping, and provide you with an added level of confidence in any insurance situation.







Quality checklists builder

A key feature of the latest update is our new checklist builder, which streamlines the process of compiling quality management checklists. Previously a tedious, time-consuming activity where each page had to be built separately, this new feature is built to save you time. What might have taken a full working day in the past can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes.

The checklist builder guides you through the process, helping you select the data points you want to capture, making suggestions based on the most common requirements. You can, however, fully tailor it to suit your needs. The builder comes with over 50 pre-built templates, meaning that you can come to us without any pre-prepared documentation.


Zutec gives you more flexibility and freedom to manipulate your checklists than anything else currently on the market. Once a checklist has been created, you still have the ability to make further tweaks and modifications, adding more inputs if necessary. You have full access to the underlying data on the forms, adding tremendous value from a handover and FM perspective.


Easily import project configurations

It’s now possible to easily import project configurations from one project to another by downloading them as a single file. This is a significant improvement, saving you time and streamlining processes.

On some projects, it can eliminate the need to build configurations from scratch. Once you have found a set-up that works, you can use it to automatically populate a new project in a completely seamless process. This means set-up and onboarding times are greatly reduced, including the confirmation of access permissions, which you can now assign at scale rather than individually.

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19 Mar 2021 | Product Updates / Release Notes

Zutec Product Update – Cloud Release 112.0.0

Zutec CLOUD New Features

New Calendar UI/UX

This update includes a new UI/UX on the calendar module. Events can now easily span hours and days.

Day/Week/Month and year views have been added along with support for overlapping events with drag and drop functionality.

Integration with Microsoft Power Automate

Zutec has added a new web hook feature can can integrate with Microsoft Automate.

Location Boundaries

Now you can define room and location boundaries on your drawings. Once setup you can drop pins into these areas and automatically capture associated data in to your forms.

Minor Updates and bug fixes

As usual there are many minor updates and bug fixes to the software.

Zutec FIELD New Features

Video Upload from Field

Users can now capture up to 30 seconds videos while in the field and attach them to snags and inspections.

Room Detection on Pin Drop

Rooms and areas can now be defined on drawings so that when pins are dropped on these drawings the names of these rooms can be pulled into the snagging and inspection forms.


pin drop update 1   pin drop update 1



Field Dashboard UI Update

Field dashboards have received a UI/UX upgrade to make them look and feel much better.


Android dashboard update

GSP Coordinate Capture

When enabled GPS coordinates can also be captured into snags and inspection forms. These data can be used in dashboards etc.

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