The Zutec Data Centric framework helps solve

a large problem in Construction for Operations


The Problem

How to collect, manage and integrate data from multiple vendors and systems to enable you to manage the Digital Transformation journey through Design & Construction into Operations and Facilities Management. 

How to manage your data quality to ensure information is transparent, verified and validated for compliance drivers.

The Answer

Zutec combines the core functionality of a relational database to connect and exchange field data using our suite of Apps, with the added benefits of rich data enrichment to other vendor platforms to manage, visualise and curate your data.

Zutec provide services to support this journey through our field teams and partners.


Zutec Integrations

The Zutec platform has many existing tools and features to assist with your digital transformation. 

  • We support industry class formats including IFC and RVT.
  • We provide on demand live secure url data feeds of all project data in JSON, XML or HTML format.
  • We power third party reporting engines such as Excel, Crystal Reports and Power BI.
  • We provide a full PI Developer Framework ecosystem to allow third parties and integrator's connect their processes and databases including Primavera, Aconex, PlanOn, Clixifix, Maximo, etc.
  • We support feature reach Metadata tagging and leading industry class schemes including COBie, UNICLASS, OMNICLASS, HAYSTACKS and BRICK and user specific data schemas out of the box.

Zutec Connections

Zutec connects to controls systems using open protocols like BACnet, Modbus or KNX and with IoT devices to provide real time data transfer into the BIM ecosystem.  We can manage integration with Building Automation Systems (BAS), Building Management Systems (BMS), Power Management and Control Systems (PCMS), Lighting Management Systems (LMS), PLC's and also more specialist systems like Lifts/Escalators, Baggage Handling Systems or Passenger Loading Bridges.




  • Enables you to develop new ways to optimise the building information for occupants and operators.
  • Support comfort, productivity, energy efficiency, sustainability and compliance.
  • Immerse BMS supervisory platforms or specialist PLC's and information into our 3D tools.

Zutec connects with: Hit2Gap, Zutec Data Feed, Ashrae BACnet, Cylon Energy, Zutec IoT Driver


Digital Transformation

Our teams will help you through the Digital Transformation journey and make your buildings really smart.  Zutec created our API Developer Framework ecosystem with our partners to help solve problems in Construction, Operations and Property Owners.

  • We will define and manage Employers Information Requirements to ensure the Operators requirements are  considered.
  • We will collect live data to display in the 3D/2D BIM world.
  • We will train your team on how to manage this data.
  • We will help you integrate data from processes and different  stakeholders.
  • We will train your teams in the digital revolution.
    • Taxonomy = data categorisation and hierarchy
    • Ontology = data relationships between data sets
    • BIM Training
    • Data Analytics Training
    • Report / Analysis Training
    • Data Schema Training
    • System Rollout Training
    • Site Device and Application Training
    • Process Implementation Training