Zutec is a niche provider of cloud-based software for the construction industry. We are very proud of our Irish heritage and excited about the journey we have started to embark on in partnership with our customers:
From Online O&M Manuals to complete Software offering:
In 2000 Zutec started providing Digital O&Ms and shortly thereafter Zutec launched a full web-based application for Digital Handover. In 2008 Zutec launched its first Field App primarily used for Snagging at Hamad International Airport and in 2014 launched a BIM App to help track facade installation at the Shard. Zutec’s product offering has since been focused on its three key products; Cloud, Field and BIM.

From Local to Global:
Zutec was founded in 1999 from humble beginnings in Dublin, Ireland. In 2006 Zutec was engaged by Multiplex in the UK to assist with the collection of construction data to handover the iconic Wembley Stadium. In 2008 Zutec opened an office in Melbourne, Australia followed closely in 2010 establishing a new presence in the Middle East. Today, Zutec is a global company with offices in Dublin, London, Melbourne as well as a meaningful presence in the Middle East.

From Large/Complex to also Small/Standard:
Zutec has historically focused on large and complex construction projects. In recent years, Zutec’ s scalability has allowed projects of all sizes to benefit from its extensive suite of solutions.  These projects include Airports, Hospitals, Large infrastructure, Commercial buildings and residential towers.   This means that our cloud-based software will provide significant benefits not only to multibillion construction projects but also to smaller multimillion projects.

Always and only Construction:
Unlike many of its competitors, Zutec has stayed firm to its construction heritage and exclusively serves the construction industry with cloud-based software solutions. We take pride in having been part of a number of highly prestigious construction projects including the Shard in London, Cleveland Clinic in Abu Dhabi, the O2 in Dublin and Sunshine Coast University Hospital in Queensland, Australia. We are equally proud to have partnered with a growing list of some of the largest construction companies in the world, such as Multiplex, Wates, Taylor Wimpey and Mirvac. Ask our customers about Zutec and why they are returning to Zutec for their construction projects.

We would be very excited to engage with you and your company to tell you about Zutec and more importantly how Zutec can partner with you to ensure that your construction project will run on time, be more efficient and save you money.

Why Choose Zutec


Eliminate Errors and Delays

Make decisions on reliable live data eliminating costly errors or delays by using our Zutec Analytics function

One Platform All Construction Teams

One Platform All Construction Teams

Timely Collaboration software built for office and site based teams allowing timely collaboration

Affordable System

Affordable System

Affordable, scalable and intuitive system.

Flexible To Meet Your Needs

Flexible To Meet Your Needs

Configure the system based on your specific construction requirements; no construction project is the same


Delivery Expertise

Our team are digital construction experts and will work with you to ensure delivery of your construction project